Monthly Roundup – Inspiration From Around The Web

This is a new blog post that I’ve been meaning to put together since I started this site. The idea of this post is to put together an assortment of links to great photographers that I’ve found over the last month in all different categories.

Travel Photography – Gavin’s approach to travel photography is really inspiring. Currently he’s traveling around south east asia. I keep up to date with his blog as he has a number of great posts about his techniques, styles and post-processing. Oh, and his images are stunning, to say the least.

Food Photography

As some of my clients and close colleagues know, I am a huge fan of still life and product photography. It’s one of the services I offer as I really enjoy the process of trying to capture the right angle of different products. However, I’ve never had a chance to really explore food photography, it’s something I would definitely like to get into more. As you know, I draw a lot of inspiration from other photographers. One of those people is MarketME based in Northern California. MarketME’s Food Photography is truly second to none.

General Photography News

Nat Geo Photo Of The Day
Nat Geo Photo Of The Day – I love the fstoppers, I know, they’ve been around for ages and this isn’t anything new but I do think it’s worth mentioning them as they continually put out great content. If you’re looking for a good read then I suggest having a gander at this post. It’s all about knowing when the best time to part ways with your gear. I’ve personally struggled with this for a long time. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m guilty of holding onto a piece of outdated equipment for too long.

Nat Geo POT – National Geographic isn’t new to anyone however many people forget that they have a daily blog. Their photo of the day section is incredible and it goes without saying that being featured on this site is a goal for any photographer. Part of my morning routine is checking the photo of the day. I think it puts me in the right mindset to go out and create images.




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