How To Take Great Photos Of Pets

Pet photos have a great potential of becoming viral in the online environments. Nonetheless, for becoming viral, a photo has to be really good. It has to catch the funny and intriguing side of your pet, so that all viewers feel the urge to share it with their friends.

me-and-a-dogWhen taking photos of your pets, you need to know that patience should be your main virtue. You may need to take hundreds of shots, in order to catch a good one. Pets are dynamic, they love to jump and run around, so it’s quite difficult to persuade them to pose for you. This is why you should be patient and hope to be there when the perfect moment comes.

Since pets are hard to capture in photos, you’d better have a good camera. Ideally, your camera should allow you to use the continuous shooting mode. Moreover, the more frames per second it can take, the better. This would increase your chances to obtain the perfectly viral photo that’s going to score millions of visualizations, should you publish it online.

goldeb-puppy-photoIf you don’t have a camera with continuous shooting function, you may want to use the pet photo preset, which is available even in cheaper compact camera models. This preset uses the right aperture, exposure and ISO settings for capturing images of pets or humans in motion. It is extremely useful for shooting sport competitions, as well as active pets that can’t stay still long enough to take a decent photo of them.

In conclusion, the secret of taking great photos of your pets is patience and the knowledge of using the right settings on your camera, in order to compensate for the continuous motion and the restlessness of your dog, cat or whatever other pat you may want to shoot.

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